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Pending Presidential Election

Interview with Kendall Coffey

Miami – Ft. Lauderdale Market (Florida elections)
WFOR CBS4 News, November 13, 2008  11:04 pm

David Sutta: Anticipation of this election has been a long time coming.  So much that before the polls even open on Tuesday, more than 30% of South Florida’s vote will already be in.  Monday, election offices begin sorting absentee and early voting ballots in preparation for a long day of counting. All of our voting precincts are set up. Extra machines and materials are loaded up on trucks as back-up should something go wrong. Exactly what a flood of lawyers will be watching. There will be more people watching tomorrow’s election at the polls than ever before. Why is that?

JC Planas: Um, well, I don’t know. I think Florida has always been a battleground state. It’s an important state. It’s a must-win for the McCain campaign.

David Sutta: And a priority for Obama. Both parties, which have fought previous election results in court, will have more than 500 lawyers spread out across South Florida’s polling sites.

Kendall Coffey: This is not about dueling lawyers; this is about lawyers as problem solvers.

David Sutta: We hope to avoid this–elections hanging by a chad eight years ago.

Kendall Coffey: We said sometimes that the rest of the nation is looking for its Florida. Here we go again. But as far as we’re concerned, it’s never again.

David Sutta: Florida in the spotlight once again!  Polling showing a tight race, and your vote – perhaps the most powerful ones in America!