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Kendall Coffey on Cuban Migrants case

“This is a unique case. Twenty out of 24 with a credible fear of persecution. That’s extraordinary and getting critical evidence from a letter in a bottle. That is as amazing as anything I have seen in a while,” said Kendall Coffey, one of eight lawyers who represented the Cuban migrants.

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Apple and FBI quarrel about Internet Security

U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey spoke to CNNMoney about his thoughts on Apple’s defense about Internet security. Kendall explained that it is unusual for an enormous company to oppose with the FBI. “What’s striking about this scenario is the opposition in the face of a court order,” Coffey said. “It signals it’s going to be a big fight. A lot of companies don’t want to be on the wrong side of the FBI. Their jurisdiction is broad, and it can be akin to tugging on Sup

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Planned Parenthood Filmmaker’s Indictment

“As the indicted filmmakers in the Planned Parenthood case learned, an undercover operation with false IDs is legally perilous for private operatives.” -Kendall on the Planned Parenthood filmmaker’s indictment Image via Ken Wolter /

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Kendall Coffey: Search-and-Seizure

“While not every search-and-seizure warrant results in a criminal prosecution, in a very significant number of cases, a search-and-seizure warrant eventually culminates in a prosecution. […] When FBI agents show up to execute a search warrant because probable cause has necessarily been found, there will be some people who are sleeping less at night.” Find the original story here.

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Kendall Coffey: SCOTUS’ View on Obamacare Ominous

~ Kendall Coffey, on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear an appeal to subsidies as part of Obamacare. “What’s striking is that they don’t seem to want to wait very long with respect to the issue of Obamacare. The Supreme Court isn’t waiting to see what a lot of different circuit courts of appeal around the country will do. This time, they’re moving ahead with the issue – and it’s got to be somewhat ominous for the administration because of the interest the Supreme Court has shown.” 2014 Newsmax Interview .