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Kendall Coffey on Bernie Madoff

“You know so many times the interest of the public sort of drops off after the sentencing. This time, Rick, I think a lot of the victims are going to want to know where he’s staying now that he’s going from the “penthouse”– they want him to be going to the “big house.” Kendall Coffey on Bernie Madoff.

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Kendall Coffey on the Death Penalty

“We have a love-hate relationship with the death penalty. We see these despicable crimes; we want the maximum punishment applied to people who brutally kill children or to terrorists. At the same time we’re very concerned about mistakes being made, both mistakes with respect to selecting who is worthy of dying, if anyone, and mistakes with respect to the actual administration of execution. And these kind of cases, where horrible pains and horrible mistreatment occurs in the course of an execution, are very troubling to Americans and obviously of great concern to the United States Supreme Court.” Kendall Coffey on the death penalty.

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Kendall Coffey on the murder of Caylee Anthony

“If the defense had been able to go to trial without a body being discovered, hopes for reasonable doubt might have been compelling. If the body proves to be Caylee, then it immediately becomes an uphill case for the defense,” Kendall Coffey on the murder of Caylee Anthony.

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Kendall Coffey addresses charges against Ben Kuehne

“The shocker here is that a lawyer was charged who is not acting as a criminal accomplice…It’s more than chilling. It’s paralyzing. If they’ll prosecute Ben Kuehne, then anyone can be prosecuted.” Kendall Coffey on charges against Ben Kuehne.

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Kendall Coffey on the trial of Saddam Hussein

“Let’s face it. The Nazi war criminals were tried by the allies. They did it directly. The verdict of history has been very positive. Why? Because the shocking dimensions of their criminality for decades was vividly demonstrated and that’s what needs to happen here.” Kendall Coffey on the trial of Saddam Hussein.