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Kendall Coffey on the death penalty

“If John Couey, given the horrible nature of this crime, doesn’t get the death penalty because of brain scans, then you’re gonna be seeing a lot of brain scans and a whole lot of mental impairment discussions in every capital case from now on.” Kendall Coffey on murder of Jessica Lunsford.

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Kendall Coffey addresses possible indictment of Karl Rove

“He goes before FBI investigators, doesn‘t recall this critical discussion.  Then he gets in front of the grand jury, […] It’s only after, bam, there is a document that‘s going to confirm that he spoke to Matt Cooper on that date that all of a sudden his memory gets a whole lot better and he goes back before the grand jury.” Kendall Coffey on the possible indictment of Karl Rove.

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Kendall Coffey on 2000 voting recount

“To say that these realities should be ignored and that you should be blindfolded to what is happening judicially, legally and most importantly what is evolving so dramatically in both counts in other counties, I think, ignores the most basic duty there is, to look at the truth and make a fair decision.” Kendall Coffey on the 2000 Florida voting recount.