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Kendall Coffey on the Death Penalty

“We have a love-hate relationship with the death penalty. We see these despicable crimes; we want the maximum punishment applied to people who brutally kill children or to terrorists. At the same time we’re very concerned about mistakes being made, both mistakes with respect to selecting who is worthy of dying, if anyone, and mistakes with respect to the actual administration of execution. And these kind of cases, where horrible pains and horrible mistreatment occurs in the course of an execution, are very troubling to Americans and obviously of great concern to the United States Supreme Court.” Kendall Coffey on the death penalty.

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Kendall Coffey on the death penalty

“If John Couey, given the horrible nature of this crime, doesn’t get the death penalty because of brain scans, then you’re gonna be seeing a lot of brain scans and a whole lot of mental impairment discussions in every capital case from now on.” Kendall Coffey on murder of Jessica Lunsford.