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From the interview: PoliticKing with Larry King

Kendall Coffey’s quote from the interview on PoliticKing “You can’t really speak to the key witnesses until you have every scrap of paper, of email, of anything. So that you got all the information. Otherwise, whether it’s a refreshing of witnesses, recollection or catching a witness on some misstatements, you just not ready to go to the witness interview.”

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Kendall Coffey on Vote Fraud

“It is not a crime to be registered in two states as long as, at the time of each registration, the voter’s residency was claimed truthfully. Residency is principally a matter of the voter’s intent as long as there is some accompanying physical movement to the new location. If one intends the new location to be his or her residence, and has a residence in the new jurisdiction to which movement has been made, courts will usually find that to be sufficient.” – Kendall Coffey

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The Future of Medical Marijuana

“One of the intriguing issues of the 2016 election is the future of medical marijuana – will the new administration enforce federal laws that give no immunity for medical purposes or continue to stand back in states that have legalized it? Trump narrowly carried Florida while 71% of Floridians approved it. Should be interesting.”

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Kendall Coffey: Attorney of the Month

“That [A vote challenge by Joe Carollo in the 1998 Miami mayoral election] was one of the few challenges to a major election that has ultimately succeeded in court and may be the last time that a fraud challenge has reversed an election result for the Southern District of Florida,” Kendall Coffey said. Find the article in Attorney At Law here.