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From the interview: PoliticKing with Larry King

Kendall Coffey’s quote from the interview on PoliticKing “You can’t really speak to the key witnesses until you have every scrap of paper, of email, of anything. So that you got all the information. Otherwise, whether it’s a refreshing of witnesses, recollection or catching a witness on some misstatements, you just not ready to go to the witness interview.”

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On the House Passing Russia Sanctions Bill

Kendall Coffey compares the futility of sanctions against Cuba that ultimately strengthened the Castro regime to recent sanctions against Russia by the U.S. House of Representatives. Read the full quote on

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Kendall Coffey on the FBI’s investigation of the Community Redevelopment Agency in Tallahassee

“So what they appear to be exploring is disconnects between staff recommendations and decision making. That’s a significant road map, because they are curious to know if staff recommendations have been ignored. Public officials are not obligated to follow staff recommendations, but if you’re looking for a list of transactions which may have been subjected to external influences, that is a logical way to assemble the list.” “Not every grand jury investigation results in any indictments at all. So I don’t think we can usefully speculate about who may be in legal jeopardy. What we know is that it’s a serious matter, that it’s starting to take focus and the investigators hope to focus further by identifying any transactions opposed by staff.” “They’re not at the beginning. They’re not just getting started here, I think. But they’re not within weeks of decisions either.” – Kendall Coffey on the FBI’s investigation of the city/county Community Redevelopment Agency in Tallahassee

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Kendall Coffey on Vote Fraud

“It is not a crime to be registered in two states as long as, at the time of each registration, the voter’s residency was claimed truthfully. Residency is principally a matter of the voter’s intent as long as there is some accompanying physical movement to the new location. If one intends the new location to be his or her residence, and has a residence in the new jurisdiction to which movement has been made, courts will usually find that to be sufficient.” – Kendall Coffey

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Lawsuits Against Recent Presidential Executive Orders on Immigration

“I think lawsuits are filed routinely with respect to their impact on the court of public opinion, even if they’re likely not winners in the court of law.”