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Kendall Coffey: SCOTUS’ View on Obamacare Ominous

~ Kendall Coffey, on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear an appeal to subsidies as part of Obamacare. “What’s striking is that they don’t seem to want to wait very long with respect to the issue of Obamacare. The Supreme Court isn’t waiting to see what a lot of different circuit courts of appeal around the country will do. This time, they’re moving ahead with the issue – and it’s got to be somewhat ominous for the administration because of the interest the Supreme Court has shown.” 2014 Newsmax Interview .

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Kendall Coffey on Same Sex Marriage

“That’s the momentum that’s in our midst and it’s going to continue. […] I think the vast majority […] are going to rule in favor of allowing gay marriage.” – Kendall Coffey on the inevitability of marriage equality. 2013 Newsmax Interview

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Kendall Coffey addresses the trial of Chuckie Taylor

“…what’s so important about this law is, it applies to torture wherever it takes place in the world if one is perpetrated by a U.S. citizen, which happened to be the case with this defendant, but also, if somebody else steps foot in the United States who has committed torture crimes in a foreign country, that person can also be prosecuted.” Kendall Coffey on the trial of Chuckie Taylor.

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Kendall Coffey on Voter Fraud

“I don’t think any other place in the United States has had such a history of absentee ballot voter fraud,” said Kendall Coffey, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. “Miami has a legacy of lawlessness going back to the 1920s.”

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Kendall Coffey on the corruption scandal of Governor Blagojevich

“On the one hand, they obviously want to help legislators get a crook out of office, on the other hand, their responsibility is to try to get this guy behind bars, and that means they’re not likely to want to turn over their witnesses, their evidence, to a political process.” Kendall Coffey on the corruption scandal of Governor Blagojevich.