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From the interview: PoliticKing with Larry King

Kendall Coffey’s quote from the interview on PoliticKing “You can’t really speak to the key witnesses until you have every scrap of paper, of email, of anything. So that you got all the information. Otherwise, whether it’s a refreshing of witnesses, recollection or catching a witness on some misstatements, you just not ready to go to the witness interview.”

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Kendall Coffey on a Court’s Focus & Authority

“The court’s focus isn’t on whether prosecutors are uncomfortable with the fact that this defendant has hired giant names to negotiate at the highest levels of the government. And the court’s inherent authority is not ordinarily conceived to explore negotiations happening outside the courtroom or how much a defendant’s negotiators are being paid.” – Kendall Coffey on the issue of whether Rudy Giuliani and Michael Mukasey can continue representing Reza Zarrab, a mega­rich businessman with highly placed political connections in Turkey, who is accused of violating U.S. sanctions on Iran.

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Kendall Coffey’s Unsolicited Advice to Law Students #2

Kendall Coffey’s unsolicited advise to law students: Rule Number Two- Be really nice to all your fellow law students. They are a network that is a lifelong network and hugely  important. Referrals, even employment may come from former classmates. Someday some will be judges, others will be elected officials, and most will be successful at something that really matters. And sometimes, one former classmate (hopefully not more) could be a future wife or husband. So share your notes and other help if asked- you are already sharing an unforgettable present and a fascinating future.

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Kendall Coffey’s Unsolicited Advice  to Law Students #1

Kendall Coffey’s Unsolicited advice to law students: Rule Number One- be ethical and resist pressures to be anything else. All you you have is your reputation. And remember, if things get messy, young lawyers get thrown overboard first.

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Kendall Coffey on Grand Jury Secrecy

“…I’m going to put my former prosecutor’s hat back on.  Grand jurors swear that when they step into that room that they’re going to maintain grand jury secrecy. That’s the deal going in. There are a lot of law enforcement values for that. So my view is that is what everybody agreed to, that’s the law, that’s the oath the grand juries take and that covenant should not be set aside by a judge.” ~ Kendall Coffey on Spinning the Law with Steve Malzberg