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From the interview: PoliticKing with Larry King

Kendall Coffey’s quote from the interview on PoliticKing “You can’t really speak to the key witnesses until you have every scrap of paper, of email, of anything. So that you got all the information. Otherwise, whether it’s a refreshing of witnesses, recollection or catching a witness on some misstatements, you just not ready to go to the witness interview.”

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On the House Passing Russia Sanctions Bill

Kendall Coffey compares the futility of sanctions against Cuba that ultimately strengthened the Castro regime to recent sanctions against Russia by the U.S. House of Representatives. Read the full quote on

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Lawsuits Against Recent Presidential Executive Orders on Immigration

“I think lawsuits are filed routinely with respect to their impact on the court of public opinion, even if they’re likely not winners in the court of law.”

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The Future of Medical Marijuana

“One of the intriguing issues of the 2016 election is the future of medical marijuana – will the new administration enforce federal laws that give no immunity for medical purposes or continue to stand back in states that have legalized it? Trump narrowly carried Florida while 71% of Floridians approved it. Should be interesting.”

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On ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnel conviction

The Supreme Court’s decision throwing our the conviction of ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell underscores the difficulties in prosecuting public corruption. Modern era decisions including McNally (1987) that jettisoned then existing prosecutions for “theft of honest services,” McCormick (1991) that imposed a “quid pro quo” requirement on Hobbs Act cases and Skilling (2010) which limited the current version of “honest services fraud,”  have reduced the tools for prosecutors. While Congress might someday pass tougher laws, in the meantime, an increasingly broader range of conduct has been  legalized even if, as Chief Justice Roberts described it, such conduct is “distasteful” or even “worse than that.”