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Kendall Coffey: The Death of Eric Garner

~ Kendall Coffey, on the NYC grand jury’s decision not to bring charges to Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the homicide of Eric Garner. “Sometimes you wonder if ‘probable cause’ is clearly explained. Because it is not the concept of ultimate guilt or innocence […] This video, and some of these circumstances that we know to be undeniable seem to establish probable cause. We know the chokehold, as it was just described, is a banned, prohibited practice. In effect, this officer knowingly used what amounted to prohibited and excessive force at the very time he began. There are also a group of officers, an obviously unarmed man, and then you add to that the component that he was repeatedly saying he can’t breathe, and yet the police action continued. […] But understanding why this grand jury found that there was no probable cause to charge him for anything is difficult to understand.” 2014 MSNCB Politics Nation with Rev. Al Sharpton Interview.

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Kendall Coffey addresses the “Affluenza Defense”

“This theory of a spoiled rich kid defense is truthfully appalling. It turns everything in our justice system upside down. And if there is a condition such as affluenza, let me tell you what the treatment is. The treatment is full accountability under the criminal justice system. No more, no less accountability that anybody else, including the prison time, if it’s deserved.” Kendall Coffey on the “Affluenza Defense.”