Kendall Coffey Quotes


Kendall Coffey’s take on the Legalization of Marijuana in the United States and Canada

Canopy Growth is located in Smiths Falls, Ontario and is the largest cannabis company in the world. Jordan Sinclair, director of communications and media believes it is beneficial for Canopy that the United States is operating in a state of federal uncertainty when it comes to legalizing marijuana. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and his associates said that they will support the legal cannabis markets. He stated that in California they decided the best decision was to regulate, not criminalize cannabis. They embrace change as opposed to fearing it. They have intentions of enforcing their state laws and protect the state’s interests. Kendall Coffey interjects, saying that the Department of Justice can still arrest marijuana sellers regardless of state laws. He adds, “The U.S. laws remain on the books for AG Sessions to prosecute aggressively if he so chooses. Many, if not most, federal judges and prosecutors will lack enthusiasm but must still follow the law.” Read full article here on

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